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Rabbi Jonathan Snowbell
Lesson Length:
25 minutes
This podcast continues with the topic of a nazir and a comparison between the nazir and the kohen, as well as a discussion of the nazir within the broader context of Sefer Bemidbar....
Lesson Length:
7 minutes
A fascinating discovery at the archaeological site of Katef Hinom sheds a new light on the period of King Josiah’s reign. Courtesy of Megalim Institute
Rabbi Yair Kahn
Lesson Length:
10 minutes
How do the three prominent halakhic passages of Parashat Naso fit in with the overall narrative structure of Sefer Bamidbar?
Total Number of lessons: 1058
Rabbi Dr. Yehoshua Reiss Source:
King David is presented in the Tanakh as a figure who is successful in coping in times of crisis and distress – both on an individual level and as a...
Dr. Adina Sternberg Source: ;
The lecture deals with the question of intermarriage throughout the Tanach - from the question of who the sons of Jacob married to the heated argument of...
Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter Source:
The lecture analyzes the very strong duty of Gratitude. Why is expressing gratitude so important? How is it different from other duties?     This shiur is...
Rabbi Chanoch Waxman Source: Lesson Length:
Hour and 5 minutes
The lecture begins in discussing the sixth chapter of Sefer Shemot and explores the revelation of God's proper name to Moshe throughout the sefer. The...
Rabbi Menachem Leibtag Source:
How can the same section in Sefer Devarim which forbids 'punishing children for the sins of their parents' also demand that we wipe out the descendants of...
Dr. Yosefa (Fogel) Wruble Source: ; ; ; ; Lesson Length:
56 minutes
This lecture looks at different ways women are represented in Tanakh, By comparing the narratives of Esther, Rut, and Tamar, we'll gain a deeper...
Rabbi Moshe Taragin Source: Lesson Length:
Hour and 10 minutes
When reading Shir Hashrim you have to read it in two lights, one, the literal story itself, and two, reading the characters as a representation of the...
Rabbi Yair Kahn Source: Lesson Length:
Hour and 4 minutes
As the nation wanders through the desert, it encounters multiple crises. This lecture will analyze the complex and bewildering response to their request...
Dr. Yosefa (Fogel) Wruble Source: ; Lesson Length:
Hour and 5 minutes
Tehillim 139 is commonly perceived as a psalm filled with unbridled praise for God. However, this lecture will present an alternative perspective,...