response to crisis

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  1. Purim's Significance a Few Years Later: The Return to Zion

    Chazal's Preambles to Megillat Esther: Part 7

    Rabbi Moshe Taragin | 17 minutes

    This shiur explores linguistic and thematic parallels between Megillat Esther and the Book of Ezra. The two texts share similar events, motifs, and apparatus of recovery in situations of crisis - perhaps most significantly that of fasting. Ezra's confessional prayer seems to suggest that he derives inspiration and hope from God's Hand which, while hidden, is ever-present, as in the events of Megillat Esther.

  2. Don't Respond Rashly: Moshe's Measured Approach to the Blasphemer

    Rabbi David Silverberg

  3. Dealing With Crisis – David Hamelekh as a Model

    Rabbi Dr. Yehoshua Reiss |

    King David is presented in the Tanakh as a figure who is successful in coping in times of crisis and distress – both on an individual level and as a leader. One of the most difficult events experienced by David was the Amalekite invasion of Ziklag, in which the city was destroyed and his men’s families were taken captive.