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  1. Mizmor 40

    Rabbi Avi Baumol

    The first section of Mizmor 40, in which the poet addresses God in third person, is a 'Hymn of Gratitude'. In the second section, the poet addresses God directly with a request for help. In contrast to Mizmor 27, the poet makes his request with a sense of confidence that his prayers will be answered.

  2. Yehuda: Thanking God

    Rabbi David Silverberg

  3. Yehudit, Yehuda and Leah

    Rabbi David Silverberg

  4. Was Yaakov Wrong to Talk about his Age?

    Rabbi David Silverberg

  5. Eikev: Peshat and Derash of Birkat HaMazon

    Rabbi David Silverberg

  6. Mizmor le-Todah (Tehillim 100): On the Significance of Gratitude

    Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter

    תאריך פרסום: 2023 | |

    The lecture analyzes the very strong duty of Gratitude. Why is expressing gratitude so important? How is it different from other duties?



    This shiur is dedicated in memory of our mothers Mrs. Ruth Lindenbaum and Mrs. Rivka Elbogen Grunberger, and in honor of our good friend Mrs. Yaffa Oster