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  1. Presentation of Mordekhai and Esther in Chapter 2

    Chapter 2

    Prof. Jonathan Grossman

    The midrash links the expositions introducing Mordekhai and Moshe, and Shaul and David. The text demonstrates that Mordekhai was chosen by God to save Am Yisreal. This article discusses the reason Esther is told to hide her identity, and whether Esther wanted to become queen.

  2. Who is the Protagonist of Esther?

    Prof. Jonathan Grossman

    The beginning of the Book of Esther presents Mordekhai as the protagonist of the story, but later Esther is the character that drives the plot. By the end of the book, they are parallel protagonists. King Ahashverosh is the Antihero, who pushes us to find the hidden protagonist - the King of Kings.

  3. Esther's Plan

    Prof. Jonathan Grossman

    What is Esther's plan? Why doesn't she ask Ahashverosh to spare her people in the first feast?

  4. Rivka & Esther: Mirror Images

    Vivien Hidary

    תאריך פרסום: 5777 | | Hour and 7 minutes

    The genre for Megillat Esther seems to be cryptology -  the message is encrypted, because otherwise it would have been censored by the ruling powers in the Persian Empire. To decipher the message, we need the codebook, and for us - the codebook is the Torah.

    Our focus in this shiur is on Esther and Rivka, two women who had to take action for the sake of the nation. But our study of Esther will bring us to far-reaching comparisons with other women (and men) in Tanakh, as we pay careful attention to the wording, leitmotif (milah manha), and other tools that offer hints at a hidden message about an enduring struggle. 

  5. To Life! A Model of Female Biblical Heroism

    Dr. Yosefa (Fogel) Wruble

    תאריך פרסום: 2023 | | 56 minutes

    This lecture looks at different ways women are represented in Tanakh, By comparing the narratives of Esther, Rut, and Tamar, we'll gain a deeper understanding of the different ways women wielded power in the biblical world and what meaning that can provide us with today.