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Shiur #24
Dr. Yael Ziegler Source:
God comes into focus, bow in right hand, poised to smite Israel. A powerful, invincible foe – God is twice designated enemy in this verse, followed by a...
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Source:
A close examination of the myriad of laws in Leviticus 19 reveals their common theme- creating and sustaining social order, and  humanizing that order...
Shiur #23
Dr. Yael Ziegler Source:
While the previous verse had a vertical movement, which directs the reader’s gaze up (clouds, heaven, God) and down (Zion, earth, God’s footstool), this...
Shiur #22
Dr. Yael Ziegler Source:
To describe the assault on the city, the narrator harnesses several tools of verbal artistry. Most prominently, as noted, synonyms shape the narrative....
Gila Chitiz Source:
Attached is the teacher's guide meant to accompany the Exodus lesson plan (please see other article in the series). 
Gila Chitiz Source:
Lesson plan geared towards upper highschool level (11-12th grade) about the goals of the miracles surrounding the Exodus from Egypt. The lesson can be...
Shiur #21
Dr. Yael Ziegler Source:
Chapter 2 opens by offering the reader eyewitness access to the obliteration of the city.
Shiur #20
Dr. Yael Ziegler Source:
Although its alphabetic structure suggests order, the first chapter of Eikha is thematically haphazard. The chapter flings about a myriad of topics,...
Shiur #19
Dr. Yael Ziegler Source:
Jerusalem resumes her narration following the narrator’s interjection, which appears to have triggered a remarkable transformation. In proclaiming God’s...
Shiur #18
Dr. Yael Ziegler Source:
Verse 16 concludes the first stage of Jerusalem’s first person account with a description of Jerusalem’s weeping eyes. In verse 17 The narrator enters to...