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The 'Tanakh Herzog' Project 


Over the past fifty years, a new faith-based approach to the study of Tanakh has developed, based on the work of leading rabbis and orthodox Jewish teachers at Yeshivat Har Etzion and Herzog College. This new approach emphasizes the study of the Biblical text according to its simple meaning (pshat), utilizing various research tools, and based on the religious path of our Sages and early and modern commentators.


Our challenge in the Tanakh Herzog Project is to distill years of in-depth learning, research, and creation, and make these materials accessible to a diverse audience with varying levels of Tanakh knowledge. This involves continuous innovation and creativity, with the goal of bringing new insights into the Book of Books to the general public.


HaTanakh Website


Herzog College’s HaTanakh website is an innovative and comprehensive, online platform with an immense knowledge base, available in three languages - Hebrew, English, and Spanish. The site offers thousands of lessons and articles on Tanakh by leading rabbis and teachers. The website's structure allows for seamless navigation between textual study and helpful content connection and research tools. Examples include story timelines, common themes, helpful keywords, and interactive Google maps displaying the approximate locations of the Tanakh stories, as they were then and as they look today!


Our vision for the HaTanakh.com website is to create a supportive environment for broad-based Tanakh study, achieved through the development of additional tools, the addition of concise and accessible information, and the expansion of the existing databases.


Learning Tanakh Throughout the Year


Since its inception, the Herzog College Tanakh Project has operated in parallel with the 929 Project, providing materials to encourage daily Tanakh study. Studying one chapter a day, five days a week, enables students at all levels to complete the Tanakh within three and a half years, alone or as part of a learning community. As part of our activities, we encourage a deeper understanding of the daily chapter by sharing daily commentaries on WhatsApp and Facebook, establishing Daily Chapter learning communities, holding periodic Zoom lessons, creating tailored study materials, and organizing special study days.

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Tanakh Teacher Education Resources


As part of our ongoing efforts to promote in-depth and meaningful Tanakh study, Herzog College’s Tanakh Project develops materials for students and educators. Our goal is to develop a systematic language for Tanakh study and make advanced study engaging and relevant to all ages. Twenty years ago, Herzog’s Tanakh experts created instructional guides for teaching the Five Books of the Torah and the Book of Kings, and today we have a broad curriculum of online courses for learning the entire Tanakh in Hebrew, English and Spanish. In parallel, a dedicated and engaging website for daily study of the Early Prophets for students aged 10-13 has been developed, along with supplementary content for students and teachers to review and deepen their understanding.

Our goal is to continue developing and providing instructional content and support for Herzog College’s Tanakh education system in multiple languages, based on the unique approach of Tanakh Herzog.

We invite you to experience all the unique tools we have developed for your use, and to enjoy a Tanakh learning experience like no other. Try it out and fall in love!


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Tanakh Herzog Team:


Project Leader – Rabbi Dr. Shuky Reiss

Director – Aviad Shlomo Moriah 

Editor of the Tanakh website – Tami Goldman

English Content Editor of Tanakh website - Netanel Spitz

Content Coordinator – Tamar Applebaum-Jeselsohn

Daily Chapter Communities Coordinator – Linoy Tuil