Shaul's War against the Philistines

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  1. The First War against Pelishtim (I)

    Chapter 13-14 (Part I)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    "Saul reigned one year; and when he had reigned two years over Israel," - What is the meaning of this verse? This lesson will discuss the revolt against the Philistines, led by Shaul and Jonathan, and explain the lessons derived from this battle, which is without precedent with regard to the gap between the fighting forces.

  2. The First War against Pelishtim (II)

    Chapters 13-14 (Part II)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    Shaul's impatience to wait for Shmuel costs him the monarchy. Why was Shmuel delayed until the last minute? Which biblical event is paralleled in this narrative, and what is the significance of the parallel?

  3. First War against Pelishtim (III)

    Chapters 13-14 (Part III)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    Shaul's passiveness in the battle is contrasted with Jonathan's activism, when Jonathan seeks a sign that God approves of his actions. This lesson will discuss whether the sign is based on a logical analysis, and whether Jonathan's actions were a transgression of the prohibition of divination.

  4. First War against Pelishtim (IV)

    Chapters 13-14 (Part IV)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    The description of Shaul's failure and Jonathan's success is accompanied by a parallel between these characters and the character of Gideon. This lesson will explore the parallel and its significance.

  5. The First War against Pelishtim (V)

    Chapters 13-14 (Part V)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    Toward the conclusion of the battle with the Philistines, Shaul makes the nation take an oath that they will fast. Was Shaul right? Did Jonathan act appropriately? What can we learn from the conclusion of the war?

  6. David and Golyat (III)

    Chapter 17 (Part III)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    This lesson will conclude the discussion about David and Golyat, and analyze the discrepancies between chapters 16 and 17. We will focus on the reason Shaul doesn't recognize David, despite the fact that he was his musician and squire.

  7. David Between the Wilderness of Zif and Ein-Gedi

    Chapter 23 (Part II)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    In the final meeting of David and Jonathan, Jonathan expresses his vision of becoming David's second in command. What happened to Jonathan's vision? Why did the people of Zif assist Shaul, and how did Shaul cope with the dramatic test with which he was faced?

  8. Shaul in Ein-Dor (I)

    Chapter 28 (Part I)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    Shaul seeks God's advice, but God refuses to answer him. Why does Shaul turn to the witch? How did the Witch of Ein Dor and Shaul know that the ghost they raised was Shmuel? This lesson discusses the first part of the dramatic story at Ein Dor, on the eve of Shaul's death.

  9. Shaul in Ein-Dor (II)

    Chapter 28 (Part II)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    This lesson completes our discussion of Shaul and the fortune teller. Why did Shmuel appear before Shaul? Why do Shaul and his men argue about whether they should eat? Was it really the Witch of Ein Dor who conjured up Shmuel ghost?

  10. The Death of Shaul

    Chapter 31

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    Shaul embarks on his final battle, knowing he is going to his death. This lesson will discuss Shaul's bravery, burial, and the relationship between the two.

  11. David and Golyat (I)

    Chapter 17 (Part I)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    This lesson will discuss the beginning of the battle with Goliath. We will analyze the strange conduct of this battle, Shaul's response, the relationship between David and his siblings, and the significance of this relationship to the story.

  12. Tanakh in the News: An Amazing Philistine Find Staff

  13. I Shmuel 13-14

    Matan Al Haperek

    Matan Al HaPerek - Neta Shapira

    Shaul’s first failure as king creates tension between him and Shmuel and seals his reign’s ominous fate. Yonatan, son of Shaul, triumphs in a brilliant military victory, almost losing his life in the process. 

  14. Lesson 8: The War of Liberation

    Prof. Yehuda Elitzur

    This lesson describes the war of Liberation which marked the end of Philistine rule over Israel. 

  15. Lesson 7: Shadow King Assumes Power

    Prof. Yehuda Elitzur

    This essay describes Saul's battles and his coronation and declaration as king.