Shaul's Coronation

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  1. First Encounter with Shaul (II)

    Chapter 9 (Part II)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    This lesson explores Shmuel and Shaul's first meeting. This meeting is accompanied by a variety of surprising elements, including serendipity and secrecy.

  2. The Signs given to Shaul (I)

    Chapter 10 (Part I)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    Shmuel sends Shaul on a journey to find three signs, which will establish the idea of anointing him as king. What is the purpose of these signs? What is the meaning of the saying "Is Shaul also among the prophets?" Why didn't Shaul tell his uncle about his inauguration?

  3. The Signs given to Shaul (II)

    Chapter 10 (Part II)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    The story of Shaul's coronation raises a variety of difficulties: why did Shmuel use a lottery? Why is Shaul being so humble despite his knowledge that he will be chosen? Why didn't Shmuel inform Shaul of the ceremony?

  4. The War against Ammon (II)

    Chapter 11 (Part II)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    After Shaul was anointed as king in chapter 10, Nahash the Ammonite attacked Yavesh Gilad in chapter 11, and no one turns to Shaul for help. Shaul returns from tending to the cattle, and only hears about the events by accident. How can chapter 11 possible have happened after chapter 10?

  5. What is the Torah's Ideal Political System?

    Rabbi Elchanan Samet

    Is the commandment to appoint a king a mandatory one, or is it based on the will of the people? This article examines the various opinions in light of the verses in Parshat Shoftim and the appointment of the first king, Shaul, by Shmuel. 

  6. I Shmuel 9-10

    Matan Al Haperek

    Matan Al HaPerek - Neta Shapira

    Seeking lost donkeys and the origins of royalty, standing head and shoulders among the people yet hiding himself among the baggage: Introduced in this colorful story is Shaul, first king of Israel. 

  7. Lesson 6: The Kingdom is Born

    Prof. Yehuda Elitzur

    This article presents a new and surprising perspective to the story of Saul's election as king. 

  8. Lesson 7: Shadow King Assumes Power

    Prof. Yehuda Elitzur

    This essay describes Saul's battles and his coronation and declaration as king.