The Givonim

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  1. David and the Giv'onites

    Chapter 21 (I)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    Three years of famine plagued Israel because of Shaul's actions against the Givonim. What was Shaul's reason for harming the Givonim? Why do the Givonim want to kill seven of Shaul's descendants? Was David correct in allowing them to do so?

  2. Chapter 9: The Duplicity of the Giv'onites

    Rabbi Michael Hattin

    This lesson will look at the strategy and well executed plan of the people of Givon and its aftermath. We will discuss their motivation, and Yehoshua’s reaction once the deceit is discovered, and assess whether their deceitful methods were indeed necessary in order to incur peace with Israel and save themselves from other Canaanite nations.

  3. Yehoshua Perek 9

    Jesse Salem | 21 minutes

    Perek 9 in Yehoshua describes the peace treaty between givonim and Yisrael, made under false pretenses, and its resolution. 


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  4. Yehoshua 9-10

    Matan Al Haperek

    Matan Al HaPerek - Neta Shapira

    In these chapters, the people of Israel battle with the nations inhabiting the Land. This new reality poses both military and ethical challenges, and results in consequences that will accompany the people of Israel throughout the generations to come. 

  5. Lesson 26: Saul and the Gibeonites

    Prof. Yehuda Elitzur

    When a famine afflicted the country during three consecutive years, David was told by a prophet that the famine was a divine punishment for the grave sin that king Saul committed against the Gibeonites. Who were the Gibeonites? What was this sin?