David's War against Ammon

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  1. David and the Delegation of Comforters Sent to Ammon

    Chapter 10 (I)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    David's good will gesture of sending comforters to the King of Ammon ends with the humiliation of the delegation. What is the spiritual significance of their humiliation?

  2. The Two Wars Against Ammon and Aram

    Chapter 10 (II)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    After the humiliation of David's delegation, David and Yoav go to war against Ammon and their ally, Aram. What differentiates between the two wars? And how do the events in this chapter relate to the story of David and Bat Sheva?

  3. David and Bat-Sheva (Part I)

    Chapter 11

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    The story of David and Bat Sheva is one of the most difficult events in biblical narrative. What is the key to understanding David's devastating sin? Is there a relationship between his sin and the war described in the previous chapter? Why did Uriah refuse to go to his home?

  4. David and Bat-Sheva (Part II)

    Chapter 11

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    This lesson will continue to explore the story of David and Bat Sheva, and David sending Uriah the Hittite to his death. Did Yoav perform David's command as he was commanded? Was he loyal to David? And what is David's single credit in the story?

  5. The End of the War With Ammon and a Summary of the Unit

    Chapter 12 (IV)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    The conquest of Rabbat Bnei Ammon is an epilogue to the story of David and Bat Sheva. Following the analysis of this story we will summarize the episodes starting from David’s kingship over the tribe of Yehuda, through the story of David and Bat Sheva.

  6. Lesson 22: History and Prophecy

    Prof. Yehuda Elitzur

    Why should the Bible single out the campaign against Ammon and describe it in great detail as opposed to the brief enumeration of the other wars? Surely, the other conquests were equally important. This essay answers this question and analyzes the messages we can glean from this battle.