David and Mefiboshet

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  1. David and Mefiboshet

    Chapter 9

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    This chapter opens the saga of Ziva and Mefiboshet. Later in the book we discover the depths of the complicated relationship between these two men. Who is at fault? Are the Can the roots of the conflict be found in our chapter?

  2. David, Tziva and Shim'i Ben Gera

    Chapter 16 (I)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    This chapter includes the second episode in the complex relationship between David, Ziva, and Mefiboshet. Why did David fail to deliver fair judgement? What links Mefiboshet’s relationship with David and his relationship with his father, Jonathan? How does this episode relate to Shimi ben Gera cursing David?

  3. The Return of Shim'i and Tziva

    Chapter 19 (II)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    On his way back to Jerusalem, David meets Shimi ben Gera, who begs David for his life. Does David really forgive his evil behavior? If so, why?

  4. The Beginning of the Rebellion of Sheva Ben Bikhri

    Chapter 19 (III) Chapter 20 (I)

    Rabbi Amnon Bazak

    On his return to Jerusalem David meets Jonathan’s son Mefiboshet, who offers his own explanation to the events. Was David’s decision regarding Mefiboshet’s field correct?

  5. Lesson 21: The Government of David

    Prof. Yehuda Elitzur

    The ninth chapter of the second book of Samuel appears, at first glance, to consist mainly of the story of Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan- who was David’s loyal friend although he was heir to King Saul- and the kind treatment he received from David. But a close study of the chapter would point to some rather significant political events.