continuation of Sinai

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  1. Parshat Teruma - Of Sequence and Sanctuary: The View of Rashi (Audio)

    Rabbi Chanoch Waxman |

    What compels Rashi to insist that the stories of the command to build the Mishkan and the Sin of the Golden Calf are not presented in chronological order? Is the mikdash merely an after-the-fact response to the sin of the Golden Calf? Or could the textual and thematic parallels between the mikdash and the Revelation at Sinai provide significantly different reasons and implications for Rashi’s sequencing?

  2. The Legacy of Sinai

    Rabbi Yair Kahn |

    How does the Revelation at Sinai help us in our days? What aspect of the experience helps with faith? Why is it that God promises Moshe that through this event, Am Yisrael will believe in Moshe as prophet forever? In this shiur, we discuss two dialogues with Moshe that bracket the Ten Commandments, focusing on the account in Parashat Vaetchanan.


  3. Mishpatim as a Continuation of Sinai

    Rabbi Yosef Blau | 14 minutes

    Rashi comments that the laws of Parashat Mishpatim are a continuation of Sinai, but there seems to be such a contrast to the lofty ideals and the unique moment in history of revelation to Moshe and Israel! Nevertheless, even while studying laws such as that of eved ivri, one can appreciate one of the challenge s of our times: the application of Torah to all types of people and aspects of life.

  4. Behar-Bechukotai: End of the Story

    Rabbi Jay Kelman

  5. Parshat Ki Tisa - The Breaking of the Luchot

    Rabbi Chanoch Waxman | 35 minutes

    We will discuss the story of the Sin of the Golden Calf.  To what extent is this idol worship - or is it something else? What is the motivation of Israel? We touch on these questions, but focus on a third: what is this story all about?

    The description of the tablets inscribed with the Finger of God can offer a clue. What is the role of the luchot in story of the Sin of the Golden Calf? Why does Moshe make the people drink the water with the ashes of the Golden Calf? We compare this strange incident with the Sotah ritual, and compare the story of the covenant with the story of the anti-covenant.