Yom Kippur


Yom Kippur



"Mercy is evoked by a 'face-to-face' encounter… if one succeeds in meeting God 'face-to-face', one will have the power to break through all the boundaries of protocol. 'Face-to-face' creates intimacy and a unique relationship in which judgment does not play a role. In order to merit God's mercy, we have to stand before Him."

   - Rabbi Dr. Tamir Granot, Atoning Before God



 “One who concerns himself with the hungry, the naked, and the destitute sees himself as obligated to God. He does not set himself and his needs at the center, but rather bestows benefaction upon others; in this way he brings God close to him, and God will bestow benefaction upon him. Following this understanding, this section is an especially appropriate haftarah for Yom Kippur, for on this day man must recognize that he stands before God continually.”

 - Rabbi Mosheh Lichtenstein, Repentance and Atonement



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