Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana


"The instrument used for sounding the blast recalls to God an event from Israel's history; an event whose invocation amplifies and intensifies the connection between God and Israel... On Rosh Ha-shana we sound the shofar to recall the revelation at Sinai, where "the sound of the shofar grew exceedingly loud." 

- Rabbi Yehuda Rock

Understanding the Shofar


The Power of Repentance: Ahav's Teshuva


The Inconsistent Nature of Man: Psalm 27


"Rosh Ha-shana –reflecting the idea that "the Lord is my Light" – is followed by Yom Kippur, with its fasting and confession. Likewise, it is proper that every individual sets off on his life's journey with the illumination of God's closeness, with confidence and joy. Only later on does he discover the other aspect of his position before God – the state that demands urgent supplication to God in order to overcome the feeling of God's hester panim.

- Rabbi Elhanan Samet

The Teshuva process as illustrated by Yaakov's sons


Does redemption depend on Teshuva?


Selihot in Tanakh: Avraham and Yitzhak


"This is a day of judgement, but through the terua enveloped by the tekia (evocative of the short, simple, sound of the breath of the individual), we can accept God’s judgement but symbolically arouse remembrance, thereby tempering the strict judgement with mercy."

- Rabbi Ezra Bick

The Simplicity of David's Teshuva


Selihot in Tanakh - Moshe 


An Opportunity for Complete Forgiveness


Selihot in Tanakh - Our Ancestors at the Sea


Foundations for Life


Yishmael's Expulsion 


The Secret Merit of Rosh Hashana: Hannah's Prayer